31 dicembre 2016

Happy New Year,Happy 2017!!!!

Dear readers, I wish you a HAPPY NEW 2017!!! full of joy, serenity, peace, prosperity, health.... and a lot of Scandinavian Style in your life!!!! 💋💋💋💋

Photo; Leva&Bo

24 dicembre 2016

Scandinavian Merry Chritsmas in a Swedish old Farmhouse

Dear Readers,🎄🎅 Merry Christmas to all of YOU!!!, thanks for read me and for all your lovely comments!!!, Scandinavian Fancy Windows, wish you a Merry Merry Christmas 🎄🎅 with your love ones!!!. This days I leave you with the 1800 amazing country farmhouse of Amanda and Rasmus in vintage and old style interior décor and Christmas arrangements....


22 dicembre 2016

The Scandinavia Old Country Villa of the Florist Anna Elwing in Småland

Dear readers, I love this post because have all the things that I really love, flowers and Scandinavian Style, so.... I leave you with the lovely Old Country Villa of the florist Anna Elwing  and her family  in Gislaved , Småland (Sweden) ,that smells of moss and fir for Christmas time....🎄🎅🎄...

19 dicembre 2016

Renovated industrial style town house in Netherlands

Dear readers, today I leave you with a renovated house in Haarlem (NL),a 110 sqm space in industrial style with a grey palette with a lot of green plants around the Marina & Jochem's, cosy home...

16 dicembre 2016

Scandinavian Old Country house in south Sweden, turned showroom...

 🎅 Dear readers, I am so sorry, but I am so busy  under the Christmas time 🎅🎄🎅 .. this weekend I leave you with the Britt and Göran's home. who are in love with the old and lightly worn style a showroom and shop at their home ,an old house of 265 sqm built in 1901, in Vanstad near Angelholm (South Sweden)

12 dicembre 2016

A Christmas fir wreath for Festive Christmas time....

Dear readers, from the hand of  the Brooklyn floral designer Amy Merrick, I leave you with a Christmas fir wreath flower arrangement to have a green touch on your Christmas decorations.... 


.foraged fir
.blue spruce
.weeping blue spruce bird’s nest
.turkey feathers
.dried spirea branches dried lichen grapevine

  • clippers
  • a roll of Oasis bind wire
  • double-faced satin ribbon
  • a few wooden barbecue skewers

6 dicembre 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Atmosphere in a Old Swedish Country Cottage

Dear readers, today I leave you with the old country cottage from 1890 outside Orebro (Sweden)of Katarina and Mattias ,Pine boughs, amaryllis, hyacinth and creates the cozy Christmas  Scandinavian style atmosphere ....


5 dicembre 2016

Chritsmas Time in a Scandinavian Contemporary multi room villa in Denmark

Dear readers, today I leave you with a converted detached house from 1960 of 140 sqm2, the Scandinavian Contemporary  multi room  villa of Vibeke and Morten and their family is situated in  Vedbæk (Dk)
and is ready to Welcome Christmas time with nature decorations as fir trees, larch branches and cones ad libitum....

4 dicembre 2016

Scandinavian Chilly Christmas in Åby Manor ...

Dear readers, this Sunday I leave you with the gorgeous Åby Manor , the old country manor of Sofia Lindgren,& Olof Påhls ,next Åsunden (Sweden) a heritage farmhouse jewel from 1605 to spend a  cosy chilly Christmas......


1 dicembre 2016

Hello Scandinavian December 2016

Dear readers, it's the  most wonderful time of the year, one of my favourite season, cute month and holidays time , not because is Christmas time also because I love the Christmas spirit, cold, my wedding anniversary and many many lovely memories.... So Welcome December... by the hand of the gorgeous orangey of Hakan Gidestrand in Malevik....

26 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Atmosphere in Netherlands....

Dear readers,  in the Scandinavian Style 300 sqm ,villa from 1917 in Harderwijk (NL) ,the owner an her family Sylvia Wink, welcomes Christmas in an eclectic interior décor atmosphere,with a mix of antiques, vintage and industrial... The perfect base for a cozy Christmas home....


22 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Christmas, on the table, Advent celebration in the orangery

Dear readers,take place for a mulled wine party! ....Invite to Advent celebration in the orangery with a scent of Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere decorations  with, fir branches, pine boughs, apples, candles....and inviting food


21 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Chritsmas Spirit in...Örebro Sweden

Dear readers, Just in time for the first Advent decorations in the home of Cici Borgström and  her  family in in Orebro(Sweden) an enchanted country villa in pure Scandinavian Style with 135 sqm from the 20's welcomes Christmas time with fir twigs, stars, flowers and candles. 

20 novembre 2016

Sundays are for gardening, holidays fruit arrangement,,,

Dear readers, here I am with the series , Sundays are for gardening...by the expert hand of Emily Kennedy  today she demonstrates how to create a holiday arrangement using foraged ingredients from your own yard and a touch of fresh fruit

MATERIALS & TOOLS: chestnut branches, evergreen branches, hellebores, weigela leaves, rose hips, fern, holly, croton leaves, dahlias, ranunculus, spray roses, milkweed, black-eyed Susans, gomphrena, coneflowers, pomegranates, unripe persimmons, figs, container, floral tape, floral foam, coated chicken wire

19 novembre 2016

Important note... Computer problems....

Dear Readers,  this week I had a big problem with my computer but now everything is ok, just some days to recover all the photos and important data!!!!. Thanks a lot for your fidelity....

11 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Style apartment in a Condo.....

Dear readers, this weekend I leave you with the 56 sqm apartment of the blogger Eva Ottenvall ( Instagram: @evalevabo),in a condominium built in the 50s in the center of Skövde. The small apartment is decorated in Scandinavian Style with a lot of details in gold,cooper,black and many cushion ...


10 novembre 2016

Scandinavian arrangements ....Hyacinths and Moss for Christmas.....

Dear readers, today I leave you with some personal arrangements for Christmas with Hyacinths and Moss.... 

Scandinavian Fancy Windows flower arrangements


Scandinavian Fancy Windows flowers arrangements

Via; Pinterest.com
Photos; Scandinavian Fancy Windows, by Eva Costantini


9 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Chilly Christmas on the air....

Dear readers, today I leave you with a white wooden house by the sea the Wahl family arrange their cosy home for Christmas ,the  atmosphere is very relaxing with candles and flowers.... the owners living a life in the countryside outside Kalmar in a beautiful 1940-century property. The sea is just around the corner.... and they enjoy make long walks along the beach.


Scandinavian Fall in a summertime wood cottage in the island of Öland.

Dear readers, even if the summer is over when you have a cool wood villa to spend summertime and when people is back to their ordinary life...