21 ottobre 2016

Scandinavian & Vintage style historic villa in central Sweden....

Dear readers, today I leave you with the vintage, rustic and country historic wood villa of Erika Åberg and her family and expert architectural curator who live close to Gävle one of the most ancient  cities in central Sweden.


19 ottobre 2016

Scandinavian Villa in a Gothenburg 's Archipelago

Dear readers, today I leave you with the seaside villa that Andreas and Charlotta  have built in the municipality of  Öckerö ,an island in the  Northern of the Gothenburg Archipelago, surrounded by the sea and soft hills this Scandinavian Style interior home shows lightness ,freshness and gracefulness...

18 ottobre 2016

Take a tour on; Renovated Country Farmhouse in New Hampshire.....

Dear readers, with the expert help of the historic restoration Dave Belluscio , Neil Frauenglass and companion Georeg Case spend 5 years renovating a splendid 1825 wood farmhouse and turned in a cozy, elegant and gorgeous second residence in New Hampshire (U.S.A) 

14 ottobre 2016

Scandinavian Shabby Chic 1800's wood villa.....

Dear readers, today I leave you with an  historic renovated 
farm ;Lixerum , overlooking Lake Linden, property of the family Emanuelsson  (the fifth generation)  with  Shabby Chic style in Mariannelund Småland (Sweden).

12 ottobre 2016

Trend alert... scandinavian vintage used items....

Dear readers, today I leave you with a stunning inspiration.... an inner décor trend.... antiques unique treasures telling weathered surfaces and jagged edges a story ... vintage used items

Styling Liza Wassenaar
Photo: Sjoerd Eickmans


11 ottobre 2016

In the mood of black... Scandinavian contemporary villa in black palette

Dear readers, take a tour on the  300 sqm ,70's renovated villa of Linda and Daniel in Mariestad(Sweden), in black, grey and white palette with the interior décor in  Scandinavian contemporary style.....