23 gennaio 2017

French Style Cottage in Derbyshire...

 Dear readers step inside in this cosy country cottage in Derbyshire, two terrace cottage dating from the 19th century it's been turned in a French style with soft pallete of colours lovely family home...

21 gennaio 2017

Flower Arangement like in a Giverny Garden....

   Dear readers,  I am so tired about this winter bad weather, cold, snow, avalanches and etc....  I need something green, something as remember me a French spring garden....🌼🌿 like this beautiful green flowers  arrangement by the hand of the American flower designer based in New Orlenas, Margaret Ludwig, inspired in the town of Giverny( Normandy)

  • Trailing ivy
  • Moonstone’ roses
  • Lemonade’ roses
  • Super Green’ roses
  • parrot tulips
  • mature hydrangeas
  • Green Mist’ Queen Anne’s lace
  • hypericum berries stars of Bethlehem
  • amaranthus
  • hellebores
  • gardenia buds
  • bells of Ireland
  • salal
  • magnolia leaves
  • bupleurum
  • young hydrangeas
  • floral foam
  • floral knife
  • clippers
  • watertight vase

Via; Flowermag.com

Photography by: Eugenia Uhl


19 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian & French style in Gloucester....U.K

Dear readers, today I leave you with a rebuilt country villa in Gloucester a romantic new bungalow in  Scandinavian and French Style, with a soft palette of colours and feminine touches....

Photo; credit: Brent Darby


16 gennaio 2017

Shabby Chic Romantic Wooden Rustic Villa in south Poland

Dear readers, today I leave you with the wood rustic villa of Zosia in South Poland with a lot of charm .....blue shades details and with a shabby chic, romantic and feminine touch....


15 gennaio 2017

Sundays are for gardening; Green plants display inspirations....

🌿 Dear readers, in Sundays are for gardening.....some cute green plants displays inspirations for houses/apartments with an inner  green décor touch... in this new 2017 🌺🌴🌵 !!!.


13 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian Country villa near Jönköping....

Dear readers, this weekend I leave you with the country villa of Andrew and Lisa who left the city of Gothenburg and moved back to Jönköping building their dream home... totally in eclectic Scandinavian Style and surrounded of beautiful nature....


11 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian family home in Skåne's beautiful landscape

Dear Readers, today I leave you with a typical Scandinavian family home in Skåne (Sweden)and its beautiful landscape, the cosy home of Victoria and Peter  modern ,white practical and with a very Scandinavian taste ....